Case Study – Disposable Shoe Covers

Case Study – Disposable Shoe Covers

We on-boarded a new customer, a Food Manufacturer / Abattoir, who purchased a basket of Disposable hygiene products from us, the purchase order included some Plastic shoe covers.

As our internal sales and service consultants do daily, they made an after sale service call to the customer 24 hours after receipt of their order to follow up and make sure that the customer was satisfied with the products, service and delivery turnaround times.

The customer proceeded to express their gratitude for our great service and 24 hour delivery turn around as promised when they placed their order on us. “only one concern” the customer advised, “your plastic shoe covers are not of the quality I had expected and tarnish on the sole after my staff have worn them for only a few minutes in the factory” the customer explained.

As Pinnacle Protection Enterprises has strict policy in place when it comes to customer concerns, complaints or simply feedback, we kindly requested of the customer to complete a feedback form detailing their complaint. This form was then forwarded to our Procurement and Technical department and sent to our manufacturers to obtain explanation as to why the plastic shoe covers were so brittle. After investigation, it was noted that the shoe covers were to the spec that we had requested for manufacturing and they were not of poor quality. In turn, our Sales manager proceeded to visit the customer to see the shoe covers and the environment in which they were being used.

Whilst visiting the customer and testing the plastic shoe covers, it was identified that the customer in fact has industrial, rough finish cement flooring for which the shoe covers purchased were not suitable. Our Sales manager proceeded to advise the customer that we have two options of Plastic shoe covers,

Option 1.

Plastic shoe cover Comfort fit (which the customer was using) – this shoe cover is made of CPE plastic and has a softer texture which is more suited for Hospitals, Laboratories and an environment with smooth tiled floors or smooth finish flooring.

Option 2.

Plastic shoe cover Industrial – this shoe cover is made from LDPE plastic and should be used for Industrial, cement and rough finish flooring (as was this customers)

Samples were provided to the customer for testing and within 2 days the customer had returned her previously ordered stock and replaced it with the new suggestion of the Plastic shoe covers Industrial of which she has been satisfied with ever since.

Remember at Pinnacle Protection Enterprises we offer a range of shoe covers, not only two alternatives in the Plastic shoe covers but also Non-woven shoe covers in both White and Blue sizes S-L and Non-woven non-slip shoe covers. Enquire with your Pinnacle sales consultant for the best advice on which shoe cover would best suit your needs

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