Introducing the worlds most advanced cleaning solution!

Introducing the worlds most advanced cleaning solution!

In order to more appropriately position our changing Business and Growth strategies respectively, we are immensely pleased to announce the consummation of a joint venture agreement between Beyond Green Cleaning and Pinnacle Protection Enterprises which effectively provides Pinnacle with the sole and exclusive sales and distribution rights to the Beyond Green range of products within South Africa and a number of African countries.

From May 2016 this new Joint Venture will enable the range of Beyond Green products to find far greater exposure to a much wider customer base. Pinnacle Protection Enterprises has over the last decade gained strong market acceptance and in some industries market leadership. So the appeal in this JV is to leave the two companies to do what they do best:

  1. Beyond Green to improve Technical product leadership, R&D and Manufacturing.
  2. Pinnacle Protection Enterprises to concentrate on Sales, Marketing, Service and Distribution.

The third partner in this Joint Venture is you the customer. For you, the benefits, include;

  • Breakthrough Technology (Advanced scientific product)
  • An extended “fit for use” product range
  • Lower “Total Cost of Ownership”.
  • Equipment friendly
  • Environmentally friendly (Nature and People)
  • Easy to store and use
  • Uncompromising service standards
  • Range of value added services
  • National and International distribution
  • Cleaning time reduction

Pinnacles’ Beyond Green Cleaning products are all created from natural ingredients and offer one of a kind total environ- friendly cleaning and hygiene solution. Our cutting edge bioremediation technology has changed the face of green cleaning. Powerful organic compounds consisting of enzymes and microbes erode oily grime, turning it into water without the use of harmful toxins.

Facts about our 100% all-natural products:
• SAFE – safeguard human user and environment.
• 100% All natural – alternative to caustic and solvent based chemicals
• PREVENTATIVE – no harmful residue, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-hazardous, non-flammable and hypo-allergenic.
• SMARTER – cost effective and fit for purpose, ready to use or concentrated depending on specific application requirement.
• EFFECTIVE – detailed independent data and test results.

‘the Cleaner Total Solution naturally.’ 

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