Happy Emergency Nurses Week!

Happy Emergency Nurses Week!

It may be hard to believe, but yet another year has passed us by, and it is Emergency Nurses Week again! I might be somewhat biased, because I am an emergency nurse, so this post goes out to all of those ER nurses who work long hours because of staff shortages, who can only freshen up once a shift, and for whom a lunch break is eating hastily on the run to the next emergency. Yet, they always have that positive attitude, assuring you that the day is going well, thank you, and that it could have been worse!

Emergency nurses do an amazing job, both out of necessity and out of their love for helping people. They have inventive and thoughtful ways of caring for the most demanding patients. Even after more than 30 years working in the ER, I still occasionally witness a veteran nurse leaving a terminally ill patient’s room with tears in their eyes, because they know where things are headed for this mom, daughter, father, son, grandmother, uncle, cousin, friend, wife or spouse.

It means so much to us to be celebrated and appreciated and every year, hospitals take the time to honour their emergency department nurses with a week or a day of festivities. This celebration is for the nurses who give their best in acts of service, compassion and commitment.

Cheers to you for all your dedication and hard work. THANK YOU!!

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