Glove Selection – Guideline

Glove Selection – Guideline

Wearing gloves can protect your hands from many things, including: chemicals, cleansers, heat, cuts and most importantly germs. Not only do gloves protect the user but they also protect your product from human contact, therefore avoiding possible contamination. There are many different kinds available so it’s important to choose a pair that best suits your needs.

Gloves should be replaced periodically, depending on frequency of use and permeability to the substance(s) handled. Gloves overtly contaminated should be rinsed and then carefully removed after use. Gloves should also be worn whenever it is necessary to handle rough or sharp-edged objects, very hot or very cold materials and during any manufacturing process. The type of glove materials to be used in these situations include leather, welder’s gloves, aluminum-backed gloves, latex, nitrile, vinyl, plastic and many other types of glove materials. Careful attention must be given to protecting your hands and product.


Disposable Gloves 

usually made of light-weight plastic; these gloves are inexpensive and are most commonly used during food handling in Butcheries, Bakeries and Fast Food Outlets. Also known as Disposable Plastic Deli Gloves. These are available in Clear and Blue Plastic (Pinnacle Product code: Clear -GT or Blue -GTB)


PPE Glove Selection Guideline Disposable Gloves

Examination Nitrile Gloves

are the Glove of preference, they are Latex Free and Powder Free which not only provide protection against those with latex and powder allergies and sensitivities but also protect your product from Powder contamination. These gloves can be used across many sectors but are most commonly used during the manufacturing process in Food, Pharmaceutical, Paint, Health and Beauty industries, as in the event that these gloves perish, tear or break, the glove matter will be easily identifiable in your product. These gloves are low cost and have excellent physical properties and dexterity. These gloves are also available in Blue, Blurple (Blue-Purple) or White for your convenience and may be used for various applications. (Pinnacle Product Code: Blue -BEN, Blurple –PBEN, White- IEN, Sizes: S, M, L)


PPE Glove Selection Guideline Examination Nitrile Gloves


Examination Latex Gloves

are used for many applications if your hands often feel sweaty and you do not have allergies or sensitivities to Latex or powder then opt for powdered latex gloves when making your choice as these will minimize moisture on the hands and provide comfort during application, powdered latex gloves are most commonly used in the Health and Beauty industry as many doctors, nurses and caregivers prefer Latex powdered gloves where the hands are prone to moisture during long procedures. Latex Gloves are also available in a Powder Free option where the user may be allergic to the powder content or where powder contamination in the product, during any manufacturing process is of concern. (Pinnacle Product Code: EL –Powder Free, ELP –Powdered, Sizes: S, M, L)

latex gloves


Fabric Gloves.

Made of cotton or fabric blends are generally used to improve grip when handling slippery objects. They also help insulate hands from mild heat or cold. (Pinnacle Product code: CKG –Cotton knitted gloves) There is a variety of specialty gloves available upon request, please enquire with your Pinnacle consultan

fabric gloves


Leather Gloves.

These gloves are used to guard against injuries from sparks or scraping against rough surfaces, there is also a variety of specialty gloves available in leather to protect against cold and heat. Please enquire with your Pinnacle consultant.

PPE Glove Selection Guideline Leather Gloves


Cut resistant gloves.

These gloves are used to protect hands from accidental cuts and scratches. They are used most commonly by persons working with cutting tools in the industrial sector and sharp knives or cutting tools in Abattoirs. They can be used during any application where sharp instruments are used. Please enquire with your Pinnacle consultant.

PPE Glove Selection Guideline Cut resistant gloves


Chemical Resistance Gloves.

These gloves protect hands from corrosives, oils, and solvents. When selecting chemical resistance gloves, be sure to consult with your Pinnacle consultant for recommendations, especially if the gloved hand will be immersed in the chemical. (Pinnacle supplies a Heavy duty green nitrile chemical resistant glove.) (Pinnacle Product code: DW021 (Sizes: 8, 9 and 10 / S, M, L)

chemical resistant gloves

The gloves mentioned in this article are only a fraction of the gloves in our extensive product range and offerings; please consult with your Pinnacle Consultant for quotes or enquiries on the variety of gloves we can offer.

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