H-Design Body Harness

H-Design Body Harness

Miller H-Design represents a new generation of harnesses, dedicated to the construction and general industry sectors providing more comfort, freedom of movement and safety to workers. With a highly innovative and ergonomic design, the H-architecture provides a unique comfort and freedom of movement experience to users to let them concentrate on their job and do great work at height, safely. Get all your Harness equipment from Pinnacle Protection Enterprises, enquire here!


The follwing H-Design Harnesses are available:

  • Miller H-Design® BodyFit harness
  • Miller H-Design® BodyFix harness
  • Miller H-Design® confined space harness
  • Miller H-Design® 1 Point Harness
  • Miller H-Design® 2 Points harness
  • Miller H-Design® 2 points harnesses with stretch webbing
  • Miller H-Design® 1 point harness with stretch webbing
  • Miller H-Design Quick-fit Vest Harnesses
  • Miller H-Design Hi-Vis Vest Harness

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