Pro Fit Safety Footwear – Safety Shoe Care

Pro Fit Safety Footwear – Safety Shoe Care

Treat your Pro Fit footwear as you would any leather footwear. We recommend that you use a protective spray before first use (available from most supermarkets and shoe retailers), which is suitable for leather and suede/nubuck/textile finishes, as this will provide further protection against the elements. Regular cleaning and polishing will prolong the life of your footwear. Without proper conditioning and care, leather can dry out until it eventually cracks and falls apart, and your boots may no longer be waterproof. View Pinnacle PPE’s best buys here, for affordable safety shoe specials!

While some people are content to throw on a coat of shoe polish when their boots start to look shabby, to really protect your leather boots and keep them looking their best, there are four steps to follow:
* Clean * Condition * Polish * Preserve or Weatherproof

Shoe design is one of the first components of the footwear industry. Like this boot layout it shows the different components that make up a safety boot or shoe.
Components of safety footwear
Padded tongue
Padded collar
Metal eylets
ISO EN 20345 Steel toe cap
Anti slip outer sole

For you safety boot needs contact Pinnacle Protection Enterprises.

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