surgical hood
Spray Bottle

Level 3 – Pinnacle Infection Prevention Kit (14 Days exposure)

Intended for use while in areas with a moderate risk of having transmissible germs but where you will remain in close proximity to people (the same people) for longer periods which increases the risk of contracting an infection from surfaces and airborne viruses, bacteria or fungi such as international flights, funerals, stadiums and self-quarantine scenario. Use Pinnacle’s Advanced Disinfectant with a spray bottle to regularly disinfect your immediate surroundings and disposable ware, including your face mask which while not normally recommended for disposable wear improves efficacy and extends the life of the face mask (for reuse).

14        Pinnacle’s Advanced Disinfectant Sachets 5.5g
1          Spray Bottle & Nozzle 750ml
14        FFP2 Dust Masks or Surgical Face Masks or equivalent
14        Nitrile, Latex or Vinyl Examination Gloves to size
1          GT Gloves – packet 100’s (GT)
14        Smock T’s (Long Plastic T-Shirt)
14        Plastic Sleeve Protectors
14        Plastic Shoe Covers
14        Surgical Hoods
14        Woodpulp Cloths

Caution: Disinfectant bleaches fabrics. It is important to note that these kits have been developed based on good practices to reduce the chance of infection based on prior experience and the most current available information pertaining to the SARS CoV-2 virus.


Level Three – Pinnacle Infection Prevention Kit (14 Days exposure)