Level 2 – Infection Risk Reduction Kit (7 days exposure) – Adult

Intended for use when in areas where there is a moderate risk of germs being present. Examples would include public transport, shopping centers or any area where people gather. Use Pinnacle’s Advanced Disinfectant to disinfect disposable ware and your immediate environment.

7          Pinnacle’s Advanced Disinfectant Sachets 5.5g
14        Paper Face Masks
1          GT Gloves – packet 100’s (GT)
7          Plastic Sleeve Protectors – Pairs
7          Smock T’s (Long Plastic T-Shirt)
7          Woodpulp Cloths

Caution: Disinfectant bleaches fabrics. It is important to note that these kits have been developed based on good practices to reduce the chance of infection based on prior experience and the most current available information pertaining to the SARS CoV-2 virus.


Level Two – Infection Risk Reduction Kit (7 days exposure) – Adult