Why Movember Matters

Why Do We Celebrate Movember?

Movember is a fun thing. You might joke about it with your friends. You might have tried out a Movember moustache yourself. Have you ever thought about why we celebrate Movember, though? Beyond just being fun, Movember is an incredible movement that’s meant to raise awareness about diseases that affect male health. This is one of the reasons that Movember is so important. It’s a movement that was created to help other people all across the world. Here are some real reasons why Movember matters.

  1. Movember Raises Awareness

Growing your moustache in Movember should be a true badge of honour. When you grow that moustache, you’re taking a stand to help men all across the world help fight against both prostate and testicular cancer. These issues need awareness for several reasons. For one, since some people view them as “embarrassing” diseases, they often don’t get the media coverage that they deserve. The truth of the matter is that those types of cancer are killing thousands and thousands of men every single year, and we need more coverage in the scientific community to help find a cure. Another reason we need awareness is to encourage men all over the world to get tested for prostate and testicular cancer regularly. We know that the easiest way to overcome cancer is through early detection, so by raising awareness, we’re encouraging those men to detect the disease while they can still do something about it.

  1. Bring Compassion Into the Game

By growing out our moustaches, men all across the world are taking a stand and saying that we stand with our brethren that have been affected by these horrible diseases. We put on events in order to bring new people in, so they can continue the tradition of spreading awareness. By volunteering this time, energy, and our upper lips, we’re bringing compassion into raising awareness for this worthy cause. At the South Bay Mo Bros, we can always use more bros to bring awareness to men’s health issues.

  1. Movember Matters

Movember is more than just a trend, it’s a movement that’s resulting in men all over the world getting the help that they need. That’s why Movember is important, and why you should dedicate your time and upper lip to raising awareness for men’s health issues.



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