The products and in store excellence are what will determine brand success because only when the customer experience exceeds the promise will growth and loyalty that is virtuous and exponential occur.

Pinnacle FMCG & Hospitality are specialists with years of experience in sales, warehousing and distribution for customer convenience. Delivery execution excellence is enabled through our own sales and distribution network together with outsourced partners. When selecting partners a customised best fit sales, warehousing and distribution model with trusted service providers is implemented with KPI contracted deliverables. We effectively manage and measure incentives and key accounts through a deep understanding of the uniqueness of each of our clients and their brand.

Where we do use outsourced sales and distribution partners we intentionally steer away from placing marketing, promotional and research functions with these partners. We prefer to let outsourced distribution partners do what they do best and we focus on driving demand and measuring and monitoring the KPI’s of brands, sales and distribution and merchandising initiatives. Our strengths lie in an overall collaborative approach to business success.

In Store Excellence

Sales, warehousing and distribution, merchandising, pricing and co-operative promotional incentives has an effective Key Accounts Management, Sales and Merchandising performance measurement at the heart. With established listings, exceptional relationships and collaborative effort regional sales objectives are achieved.

We are always on the lookout for leading International Brands to partner with.